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Makeup_Artist_SarinaSarina Hartley

Hi, my name is Sarina and I am the owner of Hello Beautiful Makeup Services. Like a lot of Makeup Artists my passion for makeup started at a very young age. I would apply makeup on anyone and everyone who would let me. My mother, aunts, cousins and friends. My childhood passion followed me into my adulthood when a friend asked me to do her makeup on the day of her engagement party, I was honored. After the constant support and encouragement from friends and family I realized I should invest in my talent and look into taking a program to learn the creative techniques and tips for proper makeup application, skin care and the most effective methods in keeping products and tools sanitized. I became a certified Makeup Artist in 2006.

In 2006, my strikingly beautiful cousin Salochana (aka Bobby) who was always kind, selfless and loved by all who met her broke the devastating news of her diagnosis with cancer. Being the strong, selfless person that she was Bobby always had on a brave face, before anyone could ask her how she was doing she would beat them to it by reversing the question on them. After witnessing the deterioration in her health and physical appearance, I was motivated and inspired to one day utilize my skills as a makeup artist and provide makeup application and lessons using organic cosmetics to patients who would enjoy a day of pampering and renewed confidence. Makeup is a powerful tool with endless possibilities for creativity. Whether to cover a imperfection or to bring back the loss of glow to our skin, I am determined to makeover and educate women to put their best face forward. I believe when we feel more comfortable with our appearance we are more confident in ourselves and have a more positive outlook.

If you are a new mom looking for quick tips and techniques to put on your best face in a hurry, I can give you a personalized beauty plan that’s fast and healthy. I understands the pressures a mom is under – since I have two small children of my own.

Makeover MommyIf you are (or have!) a teenager curious about experimenting with makeup, I can offer techniques, sage advice, and a touch of humor too. I believe it should be fun to look your best, and can pass on my own healthy attitude about makeup as an enhancement for one’s true beauty. And, of course, teach some great skin care techniques too, since that young skin has to stay nourished.

Perhaps you are someone who would LOVE to treat a friend or family member with an illness to a personalized consultation, allowing them to look their best in spite of a difficult time. I am always privileged to work with patients, helping them rediscover how to enhance their own beauty.


Makeup Artist

Sarina Hartley is a graduate of the Makeup Artistry Program at New Image School of Fine Arts. She has been a makeup artist for the past 6 years, and its been her dream to provide her talents and service to the public to empower, encourage and renew confidence.

Why are the service rates so affordable? Sarina’s compassionate nature brings about her theory: If I keep my services affordable, then more women will invest in themselves by being willing to learn, or treat themselves to a makeover. Putting our best face forward will be less of a luxury and more of a investment in ourselves.

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