Makeup for Cancer Survivors

Illness Takes Its Toll

One of the many challenges of a severe illness is how it can impact our self esteem. We don’t have much energy to keep looking our best, and the side effects of many treatments don’t help. It can be hard to feel positive and in control.

We Add A Little Brightness

We discount our makeovers for clients with serious illness, and visit them on site at home or even in the hospital, to add a little color, brightness and encouragement to their day.

You May Feel Unsure How to Help

For family and friends, a serious illness is also difficult. You want to do something to help, but it’s difficult to know what to do. If you’d like to buy a personalized makeover for an ill friend or relative, just get in touch. We’ll show them easy techniques to keep them looking their best, with a kind and compassionate attitude.

Donations are Welcome

If you don’t know anyone with a serious illness – you’re blessed! If you’d like to donate a consultation, we’d be happy to do one for a cancer survivor on your behalf. It’s up to you whether you’d like to remain anonymous. Either way, you’ll feel good, and so will they!

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