Makeup Classes In Vancouver

Teen Makeover Parties

Here’s a fun way to promote self esteem among teens. Many teens would love to learn how to use makeup effectively. They choose the wrong colors, the wrong amounts, and can end up with a look that’s all wrong when it comes to bringing out their natural beauty. But what teen can resist a makeover – the lure of learning to look her most appealing best? These small group sessions or a private lesson are a wonderful way to help your daughter and her friends get off on the right foot with skincare and makeup application.

makeup on teenage girlsGroup Makeup Lessons for Teens

Sarina will teach your teen to apply appropriate makeup for different occasions, as well as proper skin care techniques. Your daughter is probably going to experiment with makeup, so let’s work together to train her to look her best when she does.

Group Makeup Lessons for Adults

Makeup and skin care has advanced over the years, and you could probably use a refresher on the most effective ways to choose and apply makeup. Bring your favorite products along, and be introduced to new ones you may like even better. The goal is to make it easy for you to look great, while taking good care of your skin too!

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