Personal Makeover

A Special, Practical Treat

Treat yourself, a friend or daughter to a personal makeover. Its such a great opportunity to really find the look that is you – and to learn easy ways of applying makeup and taking the best care of your skin.

The Right Colors Matter

You’ll learn the colors that suit you – whether you should focus on cool or warm colors, and how to choose cosmetic products that work for you.You’ll feel more confident, not only in applying makeup, but even in choosing clothing.

Personal Makeovers Make You Feel Great

You’ll leave feeling marvelous and encouraged, with new skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life. And the people who know you best will struggle to figure out how you suddenly look so vibrant, young and healthy.

A personal makeover will make you feel like you’re taking the care of yourself that you deserve. Take the time to gift yourself with an experience and skills that will really make a difference, every day.

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