“Sarina has a huge heart, and she listens, so you can expect a personalized and warm makeup consultation.

She truly wants you to look your beautiful best.”

Karilee Orchard
Outcome Marketing

“I recently had my makeup done by Sarina Prasad and it was a great experience. She was efficient, delightful & informative on products and suggestions for my skin tone.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a drama-free session with an artist who performs on such a professional level while being a personable, warm, and kind woman. In this industry its comforting to have stressless, skillful and angelic demeanor on this side of the curtain. It helped me perform with confidence, without concern for camera angles with such flawless makeup.

I trust she will be in high demand and I only hope she is available the next time I request her in my dressing room.”

Singer/Songwriter-Sayde Black
Sayde Black

“Sarina will transform you to look “HOLLYWOOD’ or naturally stunning. I will continue to recommend her to all my clients.”

Debbie Singh, Hairstylist, POCO

“WOW, you did such a wonderful job on my makeup for our corporate Christmas party, I will definitely be back!!”

Mena – Port Coquitlam

“I have been a customer of Sarina recently, and was delighted about her professional care for myself during a photo shoot and video production I was involved in.

I recommend Sarina for any makeup artistry she is involved with applying to procure fruition for your needs.”

Duite Simms, Richmond, BC
4 Real Protective Services

“Remember when you applied makeup to me in our office then? You were still in school taking this course then, but boy!! You, Sarina, my sunshine and all, DID ONE HECK OF A MAKEOVER to me!!! That up ’til now I just can’t forget the way you made me feel great of myself – totally!!

Now that you’ve turned into a Pro, I just can’t wait for a special occasion!”

Darlene Saibur – Washington

“I had acquired Sarina’s makeup service for my daughter’s graduation photos and grad ceremony. My daughter received many compliments. Her grad photos were so photogenic that one of the photos made it to her bedroom wall permanently. Sarina’s patience, her talent to see beyond the face and her creativity in use of colors makes her a top notch artist.”

Janet Cho

“Sarina is a wonderful make-up artist and it is because of her creativity that i was pleased to have her do my pageant photo shoot make-up and hair for the Miss Vietnamese Friendship Pageant 2012. She is careful with detail and listens to what my needs are. She detail oriented and is relentless till the client is satisfied. With Sarina I am comfortable in putting all my trust into her creative hands and if it weren’t for her talent, I wouldn’t have been named Miss Congeniality of the Miss Vietnamese Friendship Pageant.”

Leona Ngo – Vancouver, B.C.

“Upon going to Sarina I was immediately struck by her warm and pleasant demeanor along with her knowledge of the products she would be applying to my face. In the past I have experienced various make up artists that were either unsure of their products and/ or not catering to my needs by making it about what they wanted to do with my face and not what I wanted done. From the moment I stepped into Sarina’s domain she made the experience all about what I needed to feel good and made it all about ME. Together we went through many looks until we found the perfect one that would suits my wants and needs. Once applying the make up itself she continually made sure I was comfortable, happy and assured me that she would be applying the make up the way I wanted it to be applied. As a customer I will be the first to admit not only am I extremely fussy with my make up I am also very critical of the application of it. Perfect make up and a flawless look is my goal when getting my make up done. My desire to have the perfect look is soo strong that I rarely get my make up done due to the fact that I have always been disappointed. Over the years I have been to countless make up artist and before Sarina I had come to the conclusion that I can to my own make up far better than anyone else. This experience would be an absolute turning point for me. The make up that Sarina applied on me far surpassed any expectation I had. Not only did I totally love my make up I have decided to have Sarina as my make up artist for every major event I have to attend. Saying that I loved my make up is an understatement. The make up was so flawless and so beautiful I could not have done it myself. This experience transformed me completely and totally. When I left my make up session I felt like a much better version of myself, extremely confident and absolutely glamorous. The work was so impressive that I did the forbidden, went to sleep with my make up on so I could retouch it in the morning knowing I could not recreate the look without Sarina. Of course it did not look as perfect as when Sarina did it however it still looked amazing. Throughout the day I received compliment after compliment on my make up. The products did not damage my skin in the least even after sleeping in them. The make up stayed on but was easy to take off and my skin felt vibrant. The most important effect was the transformation of my self esteem, I felt fabulous and beautiful. This experience literally changed my opinion of what make up can do for you if applied properly. In my opinion Sarina is one rare exceptions of make up artists that can apply make up to such a perfection. The talents she has is beyond anything I have ever seen.”


Aracelli Almaraz – Vancouver, B.C.

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